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The education of children in a parentally-involved, independent Christian school in Ontario requires financial support from parents/guardians. Your tuition fees cover most of the cost of educating your child(ren). A small portion of the annual budget is raised through donations from parents and the larger Christian community.


Family Status: Tuition Rate:
1 part-time JK or SK student only (M W F) $ 9,900
1 full-time student (or full-time JK or SK) $12,400
2 student family $17,400
3 student family $19,400
4+ student family $21,400


Membership Rate: $200 per family (paid yearly)
International Student Fees- Please see ISP page for tuition details

Payment options:'

  1. Entire tuition paid at once with a 1% reduction (paid before August)
  2. Ongoing 12 monthly pre-authorized bank payments

The John Knox Christian School Society (JKCSS) is a registered charity. A donation receipt for income tax purposes is given on an annual basis for a portion of the tuition fees.

Other Fees:

Busing Fee:
There is a busing fee of $1300 if you require bus transportation.

Grade 6,7,8 Fee:
An additional fee of $800 is charged for each Grade 6, 7 and 8 student to cover the cost of the band instrument rental, 4-day Quebec, 3-day Ottawa, and 3-day Leadership camp trips.

G.I.F.T.S. Program Fee:
Volunteering is an important part of the JKCS community spirit. All families are expected to volunteer approximately 30 hours over the course of the school year by committing to one year long volunteer job. A description of these jobs is available on the website under NEWS & DOWNLOADS. Those families that are unable to volunteer can opt out of the program for an additional fee of $1000.00. If a family does not choose to opt out but does not sign up for a volunteer job, their account will be debited $1000.00

Capital Assessment:
A $2,500 capital assessment is levied to all new families enrolling their children at JKCS. The capital assessment fee shares the cost of the physical structure of John Knox between generations. The capital assessment fee also assists in the re-payment of long-term indebtedness. Payment of the capital assessment is required upon enrollment.

Christian High School Bursary:
If you have a student in an affiliated, private Christian high school as well as children at JKCS, you may receive up to a 10% bursary on your tuition. Please apply for this bursary by March 31st for the upcoming school year. Bursary applications can be found in the NEWS & DOWNLOADS section of the website.

*** Please contact Mrs. Melissa Kuyvenhoven at or 647-235-7595 if you have any questions or would like to book a personal tour.***

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