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Bus Service Boundary Limits

North: City of Mississauga - Derry Road / Town of Oakville - Dundas Street
South: Lakeshore Road
East: Etobicoke/West Toronto
West: Third Line, Oakville

Bus Service Boundaries have been established as a way to ensure that JKCS is able to transport students to school on time. All requests for busing will be taken from those families living within the boundaries first. If timing of the route allows, requests from families living outside the boundary area will be considered subject to the discretion of the VP in charge of transportation and First Student, our transportation provider.

Please note: that even some areas within the boundaries may have restricted access due to safety or navigation concerns as determined by our transportation provider, First Student.

Quick Facts

  • There are four buses used for our school
  • JKCS contracts bus service from First Student
  • Busing is available to all families (subject to route plan and boundaries)
  • Bus routes are set at the end of June
  • All parents need to read the "Code of Conduct on Buses" and agree to abide by the terms.


  • All families are required to confirm their need for bus service by June 15. Once established, the routes cannot be changed.
  • Families requesting busing after June 15 will be required to fit into existing routes
  • Any changes to a stop must be requested in writing to JKCS for consideration (communication by email is preferred)

Your Bus Stop

  • Students are required to be at the stop five minutes prior to their pick up time
  • Parents please be there five minutes prior to drop off if you are picking up your child
  • We will attempt to have your bus stop no more than 1.5 km from your house.
  • Unfortunately, we do not offer door to door service.
  • All students (regardless of age) should be met at the bus stop by the responsible parent or guardian unless the school receives notification by the parent in writing that this is not necessary. alt Download Bus Notification Form

Bus Fees

For fee schedule, please see your admission package (2017/2018 - $1300 per family/per year)

Families wishing to commence/terminate bus service during the school year will be subject to an administration charge for each change and a pro-rated fee schedule.

Bus Cancellation

  • In the event of bad weather, a phone chain is in place to contact you should the buses be canceled. Cancellation notices will also be published on the website..
  • Friends can ride home on the bus on occasion but requests must be sent in writing to the Vice-Principal. The Vice Principal will then sign the note and the note needs to be presented to the bus driver. The homeroom teacher also needs to be notified by the parent.

Conduct on the Buses

  • It is a privilege, not a right, to be on the bus
  • We will adhere to the Code of Conduct that each parent reads upon admission.
  • The driver will monitor conduct carefully.
  • Any behaviour issues should be reported immediately to Steve Cruickshank, VP at: 


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