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Prospective Parents

jan10H.jpgLooking for a school that offers a christian perspective, great academics and a parent involved community? John Knox offers all this and more!

If you wish to obtain a copy of our Strategic Plan, which outlines our goals and direction for the school, please contact the school office at

Mission & Values

As a community of Christian parents/guardians, teachers and supporters, drawn together from many churches, we believe that we are called to provide an education for our children which acknowledges the sovereignty of God, the Lordship of Christ, the authority of God's Word and the power of the Holy Spirit in all of life. Parent, members and supporters are committed to involvement in all aspects of our school. This includes sharing the financial responsibility for its operation and providing a multi-use facility as is necessary for the school's needs, growth and excellence.

Mission Statement
Igniting Wonder for God, Neighbour, and Creation.

Vision Statement

By 2020, our vibrant Christian School community will grow:

  • Academically stimulated and joyful students
  • Professionally engaged staff
  • An economically, ethnically, and denominationally diverse membership

Educational Goals

JKCS will help students grow into responsible persons, who serve God and are able and willing to employ all their gifts to the honour and glory of God in every area of life in which they are placed.

Each student will be guided to:

  1. A deeper commitment to love God.
  2. Mature as a Christian person in relation to self, others and the environment.
  3. Discover and develop particular gifts and talents.
  4. Develop abilities of perception and judgement in moral and ethical matters.
  5. Follow the norms for good health and physical fitness.
  6. Acquire competencies for responsible living as an adult, especially the sensitivity and skill necessary for effective communication.
  7. Develop awareness of oneself as a learner able to adapt knowledge, skills and attitudes to the ordinary tasks of life.
  8. Develop the knowledge and understanding necessary for satisfaction and productivity in the world of work and/or advanced levels of schooling.
  9. Train and discipline those skills and attitudes necessary for satisfaction and productivity in the world of work and/or advanced levels of schooling.
  10. Acquire appreciation for the customs, habits and beliefs of other faith communities, ethnic groups and cultures.


JKCS Basic Christian Principles

Believing that the Lord God, by graciously giving us the Scriptures, has revealed to His people ordering principles intensely relevant to education, and mandates us to bring the whole Word of God to bear in all its power upon education, we confess:

  1. Life: Human life in its entirety is religious, since God created us to serve Him everywhere. This requires us to educate our children for His service.
  2. Bible: That the Bible as the written Word of God is the Truth by which the Holy Spirit enlightens our understanding of God, ourselves and the world, and the infallible authority by which He directs and governs all our activities, including the education of our children.
  3. Creation: That we can understand the world rightly only in its relation to God, because the world, in its origin, gracious preservation and ultimate restoration is the world of the Triune God, and since the glorification of His Name is its purpose.
  4. Mankind: That we were created in the image of God to enjoy covenantal fellowship with our Creator and to reflect in our person and works the excellencies of our Maker, and were instructed to exercise dominion over the world in strict and loving obedience to God and to interpret all reality in accordance with His design and law.
  5. Sin: That sin is disobedience to God's law and that we, by sinning, forsook our office and task, estranged ourselves from God and our neighbour, and brought God's curse upon the creation. As a result, we have become corrupt in heart and blind to the true meaning of life and repress and misuse the knowledge of God which confronts us in creation and in Scripture.
  6. Christ: That Jesus Christ, of whom the Scriptures testify, who is truly God and fully man, has reconciled the world to God and redeems our life in its entirety. Through His Spirit He renews our heart to love God and our neighbour, and redirects our understanding to know rightly God, ourselves and the world.
  7. The Kingdom of God: That the Kingdom of God is His present and future, righteous and universal reign through Jesus Christ. This reign of grace and power makes education possible and meaningful. In obedience to Christ we submit in every area of life to His commandment to love the Lord with all our heart and mind.
  8. Purpose of Education: That the purpose of Christian education is to direct and guide the children to commit their hearts to Christ the Truth, to attain understanding, wisdom and righteousness, to perform competent and responsible service to the Lord in church, state and society.
  9. Parents/Guardians: That God has given parents/guardians the responsibility to nurture and educate their children. Therefore parents/guardians should establish and maintain schools. The Christian school is an institution established and controlled by an association of Christian believers, to function in education in total and voluntary submission to Christ, the King.
  10. The Student: That the student as a child, entrusted by God to parents/guardians needs ordering, correction and instruction. Children of the Christian home are a heritage of the Lord and share in the promises and the demands of His covenant. Hence they ought to receive Christian education.
  11. The Teacher: That "teachers", as servants of God, exercise authority in the performance of their office in educating the children in school.

Parents/guardians and students should also be familiar with the playground rules and the JKCS Code of Student Conduct/Discipline. Students are also required to wear uniforms at JKCS.

Parents/Guardians: Partners in Christian Education
The partnership between home and school depends on close communication. Emails, newsletters, and the recently launched Classroom Connection sites help maintain contact between JKCS families and the school. Information can also be found on our Facebook page and via our Instagram account. Also important are the formal parent/guardian/teacher interviews held during the school year. Parents/guardians and teachers are encouraged to take up informal contact whenever concerns or occasions to express gratitude arise.

JKCS is a parent/guardian run school. Parents and guardians are essential to directing the school, and should be prepared to serve on the Board and/or on Committees. Parents/guardians are welcome participants in a variety of other school activities, including recess supervision, sporting events, field trips, and special class activities. The remedial teaching and library programs are also heavily dependent on parental involvement.

We rely on our enthusiastic volunteers to keep the school functioning at a much lower cost than other schools. Every parent/guardian is expected to volunteer to fill one "job" per year through our G.I.F.T.S. Program. Every year, a new catalogue of volunteer jobs is available on our website. In June, parents choose their top three choices. In August, one job is assigned per family. Even Grandparents and family members can help a family complete their volunteer job. Families can also opt out of their volunteer requirements by paying a $1,000 opt out fee. Parents can download a catalogue of all G.I.F.T.S. volunteer positions from our DOWNLOADS page.


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