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International Students

internationalheadphones.jpgAt John Knox Christian School in Oakville, Ontario Canada, we offer both:

a LONG-TERM International Student Program
(offered September to June every year)

a SHORT-TERM (1-2 Months) International Student Program


We also offer a SUMMER CAMP in August (CLICK HERE for brochure)

General Information for the International Student Program Curriculum - English Language Learning (ELL)

• The International Student Program of John Knox Christian School in Oakville, Ontario Canada serves international students of all cultures who desire to learn English from Junior Kindergarten (age 4) to grade 8 (age 13) in a Christian environment.

• Students are integrated into the regular English-speaking classroom and receive the support of our English Language Learning Teacher.

• Students are scheduled to receive conversational language development up to four times per week with our ELL teacher. This includes written work, grammar, vocabulary building and assistance with homework.

• Students receive orientation and personal support throughout their stay.

Students will be exposed to a variety of subjects through this integration program. They include Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Fine Arts (Music, Drama, and Visual Arts), Computers, Social Studies, Technology, Physical Education, Extra-curricular activities such as sports teams.

Home Stay Accomodations
To further enhance the cultural experience, home stay arrangements can be made with either Korean or English speaking John Knox Christian families if needed.

We accept students with any level of competency in the English language. Students who require additional support in their language development will be placed in a combination program. That program is a combination of small-group English instruction outside the class and exposure to English integration inside the class.

Each applicant’s acceptance in the John Knox International Student Program will be determined by the availability of space in each classroom. Applicants are advised to apply as early as possible as space is limited.

Study Permits/Visas & Medical Insurance
Students are required to apply for a visitor’s visa or a study visa and have valid medical insurance for the entire time they attend school in Canada.

Students who are studying abroad in Canada for more than six months need to apply for a Study Permit. Although the short-term program we offer at John Knox is shorter than six months, having the Study Permit allows the student to extend the duration of their stay if they decide to stay for a longer period of time. A Visitor’s Visa cannot be changed to a Study Permit while living in Canada.

If you are certain that the student will stay for less than six months, most international students enter Canada and study on a Visitor’s Visa.

Please find the application information for Study Permits and Visitor’s Visas at this link for Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC): 

Agents: can forward all forms to the parent(s) to be filled in and then forward the completed forms to the school. John Knox Christian School pays agent fees. Please contact Mrs. Melissa Kuyvenhoven at  to learn more about the fees.

Any Korean agents should contact our Consultant, Mr. Daniel Won at: 

Forms and Documents: Should be completed in English.

Acceptance: When the application forms and deposit are received, and the parent or guardian has completed an interview (skype is preferred) a letter of acceptance (LOA) will be issued for Study Permit or Visitor’s Visa application purposes. A student is then considered accepted.




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