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Ponderings From Our Principal

This month, we have been focusing on literacy development, iPad implementation, and raising funds for both initiatives. So far, it has been a very good direction. I have heard many good stories of our students reading.

I can vividly recall sitting on my bed when I was younger and enjoying a good book. My favourite childhood series was about the Hardy Boys. I would read books of the series and recall reading little else.

When I look back at that time in my life, I wish I would have read different genres; however, I do believe that my love for reading was nurtured because I read what I was interested in.

Reading affects many parts of our lives. It is a skill that you will use for a lifetime. That is why we are encouraging everyone to listen to a story this month. Watch this week’s video to listen to a story I read to an engaged grade one class.

Would you like to join us in the journey of promoting reading and iPads? If this area interests you and you would like to make a financial contribution, please talk to one of our students or feel free to give me a call should you need some more information. Thanks in advance for helping to advance our literacy and technology plans!

In Christ,

Mr. G. Petrusma

This month, we are focusing on the part of the theme Bible verse that directs us to setting an example by our conduct. The letter that the apostle Paul writes to Timothy points out that we are to set an example to the believers with our conduct.

Our chapel leadership team did a great job of unpacking the idea that people can tell much about you by observing your actions. We watched a video of our Servant Team being a blessing to others through serving at a community breakfast to some Kerr Street clients.

Two of our senior students, Matthew Shelley and Colin Sharp, made the video at the Kerr Street event a couple of Saturdays ago. They ask our students about their experience and what motivate them to be a blessing to others.

You really must watch it. As you do, think about how our students are being challenged in their daily lives. Many of them have grasped the concept of serving others. One of the areas which is part of our graduate profile is the development of character traits. This event is a good example of how we as a school provide that challenge.

Please join me in giving thanks for our students who serve in an effort to be the hands and feet of Jesus to others. Also join me in giving thanks for our student-created video which gives a good account of the event. May we continue to find ways in which to challenge and encourage our students to develop their character traits.

In Christ,

Mr. G. Petrusma

Two weeks ago I participated in our Strategic Planning Team’s last retreat. It was a great time of pulling together common themes, praying for the school, imploring the Lord to lead us, and producing a draft #1 document.

While our team’s work is not fully completed, I do want to thank our leader Chris Bosch, Glem Dias, Bethany Pasma, Jordan Kuyvenhoven, Magdy Youssef, and Paula Stubbert for their great work. It has been a pleasure to work alongside them as we travelled together.

Now it is your turn. We are looking for your feedback. Click here to see the draft #1 version of our Strategic Plan. Read it. Pray over it. Be prepared to provide feedback so that we that together we can chart a chart for our future development.

What does that feedback look like? It is a simple process. Please answer the following three questions:

  1. What do you like in draft #1 of the Strategic Plan?
  2. What don’t you like in draft #1 of the Strategic Plan?
  3. What suggestions for improvement would you like to give the Team?

E-mail your responses to our Team leader, Chris Bosch at Our team will read and consider all comments.

We will also consult with the senior students, the staff, and the Board through the month of February. Our plan is then to present the Board with a final draft for approval at their March meeting.

Your help is appreciated. Thank you for engaging with us as we strive to make our school the best it can be! Please pray to the Lord for a blessing on our process.

In Christ,

Mr. G. Petrusma

February is an exciting month. Not only does the sunlight stay longer than January, it is also the month we have devoted to our fundraising campaign. The beauty of this campaign is that it relates seamlessly to our desire that all children read much and well.

I would like to encourage you to join us in the emphasis. Do you place a high level of importance on creating a physical space and a daily schedule space in your child’s home routines? Do you speak to them about the importance of reading every day? Do you model enjoyment of reading by spending some time reading what you enjoy?

We are going to be reading throughout the month of February. Reading silently to oneself, reading aloud to a partner, reading a variety of different genres and types of books, and reading at various times of the day are all great ways to experience reading. Our school is going to practice those things.

Watch for announcements, encouragements, guidance, and information to come your way during this month. Watch this week’s video to hear about the campaign and how we are going to use the funds that are raised to bless our students through the use of ipads and classroom books.

This campaign will not only raise funds, it will ignite wonder in our learners for God, neighbour, and creation as we use our new ipads and new classroom books. Exciting stuff!

In Christ,

Mr. G. Petrusma

This past week, I had two visitors who both work in education visit our school. They are from different parts of the province and work in different places. They came at different times.

I had the pleasure of talking to both individuals about various aspects of our school. The chat included JKCS practices, themes, values, personnel, methodology, and products. I quite enjoyed the interactions. It made me think again about all our school has to offer Christian parents.

If you are a regular reader of the Principal's Ponderings, you will know that last week I encouraged you to promote our school. We then videoed some young students, and they shared why parents need to send their children here.

This week’s theme is still about promoting our school, but this time the message is coming from two recent graduates. They came to our school during their semester break this week to help in the classrooms of our school. While they were doing that, I questioned them about their transition to high school and how JKCS prepared them.

Watch this week’s video to get a good idea of how these alumnae made the transition from our school to high school. While the video is longer than usual, it is worth the time. You will be pleased by their stories. You will also glean some good information about their seamless transitions into high school. You will also pocket some more speaking points for promoting our school.

Thanks to those who have advertised for us, who are advertising for us, and who will advertise for us. Remember, if you love JKCS, tell a friend! Your participation on our “marketing team” is appreciated!

In Christ,

Mr. G. Petrusma

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