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Ponderings From Our Principal

Next week I will be missing in action. If you knock on my office door, you will find that I will not answer. I have the privilege of spending time with our grade 7 and 8 students as we travel to Quebec City.

Why are we going to Quebec City? It is our goal to give our students a glimpse of life many years ago. It is our hope that our students gain an idea of the significant effects of war. We hope to immerse them in the places in which Canada’s early beginnings originated.

Part of responding to our world, part of igniting wonder, part of understanding the forces at work includes asking the appropriate questions. What is the motivation behind war? What was the role of the church in history? Was life easier in the 19th century? How does the individualistic side of people dictate the course of history?

I look forward to engaging in chatting with our students about these and other questions and issues. I look forward to spending some time with our students in a relaxed, social, and educational setting. Take a look at this week’s video to hear what four of our senior students are looking forward to on the trip.

Please pray for our students and chaperones. Pray that this trip would be used as an event in which our students are challenged in their thinking and encouraged to develop stronger relationships with those on the trip. We look forward to sharing the stories when we return.

In Christ,

Mr. G. Petrusma

As you read this article on Friday, it should be a day in which the weather has warmed up a bit. The weatherperson tells me today that it will go up to 19 degrees. That is welcome news! There have been times in the last month in which I have approached my car in the morning to find frost on the windshields.

That brings me to my topic. In stark contrast to cold weather, I want you to think about our upcoming event that is designed to raise friends and raise funds. That’s right, our annual JKCS Fundraising Golf Tournament will be held at the beginning of next month, Saturday, June 4th.

Even though I do not golf regularly, I find this day to be one in which it allows people to gather around a sport which lends itself to relaxation. I find challenging all golfers to a game on the green to be engaging. I also find the bantering and conversation around what happens on the course to be quite entertaining.

How about you? Would you like to join us? You don’t need to be a golf expert. That is taken care of because the format is 'best ball'. That means that if four people take a shot, all team members are eligible to move their golf balls to the shot they deem the best. And you don’t even get accused of cheating!

Watch this week’s video for a demonstration of my golfing skills. I am warming up for my appearance at the tournament! My hope is that you will be too, and we will have a great day of raising friends and funds. 

In Christ,

Mr. G. Petrusma

Thanks for the many words of congratulations as I shared the news of the upcoming birth of our first grandchild. As many of you have experienced, it is not hard to get me to talk about my children and grandchildren. If I were a classroom teacher, I am sure that students would be hearing many illustrations of grandchildren for accomplishing our learning goals.

The immense love felt by a father for his children and grandchildren is one of the most intense feelings I know. That thought is constantly in my mind when I talk to parents and grandparents about their children and grandchildren. There is a love that only be replicated by our Heavenly Father. “How great is the love the Father has lavished on us that we should be called the sons of God!" (1 John 3:1)

That brings me to the role of parents at John Knox. It makes very good sense to me why parents are known as their children’s main advocates. No one on earth knows them better. No one on earth cares for them more.

It is that time of the year when we encourage parents to provide us with feedback for the next year’s class lists. View this process as one in which you have the privilege of speaking into the lives of your children. In June, our staff meet together as we plan for the upcoming school year. If your child is returning to John Knox and you would like to provide valuable input about your child’s needs, please watch this week’s video to understand the process. Thanks for your help!

In Christ,

Mr. G. Petrusma

Parents, you may have heard from your children about our chapel times on Monday mornings. We have developed that time of the week into a meaningful part of our Bible program.

This year we as a school are studying Biblical feasts. We have journeyed through various parts of a Christian’s life and explored the truths about repentance, thanksgiving, God’s protection and power, God’s faithfulness, the gift of Jesus, and the role of the Holy Spirit.

As we gather each chapel in our cross-grades grouping called “Tribes”, we experience a variety of moments as our senior students serve as mentors to our younger students. We have “talking moments” in which they share with each other about the answers to questions posed by our chapel speakers. It truly is a beautiful sight!

This week’s video gives you a glimpse of the end of one of our chapels about the role of the Holy Spirit. Prior to the events that were recorded on the video, we spent time together in the gym and then in our homerooms talking about the role of the Holy Spirit.

In the video you will observe our student body gathered around Mrs. Panza who is reminding us of some of the truths about the Holy Spirit. The release of the doves was a beautiful moment in which we saw two beautiful, white birds be released into the sky as a symbol of the Holy Spirit living in us today.

Pray that the Lord will use our chapel times to bring us closer to Him as we seek to “trust in the Lord with all our hearts…” (Proverbs 3:5a). Be sure to talk to your children about the truths captured in their hearts and minds.

In Christ,

Mr. G. Petrusma

What do you remember about your elementary school experience? Most often, students recall events and moments that touch their emotions. A win at a competition, a significant idea learned in class, or the quality of friendships fostered are all items that could top the list of answers to that question.

I am pleased to report that two items that could be answers for our students will happen in the next few weeks. I have been auditioning our students as they share their gifts in the area of the arts. Students have been singing, acting, dancing, and speaking their way to a spot in the program coming on May 4. For students who are gifted in this area, the Celebration of the Arts is a significant event in which they have the privilege of sharing their talents.

The second major event is happening today. Our Grandfriends Day has many people come through the door who are special to our students. I can imagine that for some of our students a significant moment is when their grandparents walk through the front door and share in their learning environment. When this special day comes, I always think about Psalm 78:4, “...We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, His power, and the wonders He has done.” There is a special bond! Access this week’s video to get a glimpse of the practice for GrandFriends day and hear me talk about my own special moment!

Savour moments like these with your children. We hope and pray that these events will be highlights for them. Talk to them about their feelings. Unpack what they appreciate about these major moments in their young lives. May the celebration in your home mirror what exists at John Knox these days!

In Christ,

Mr. G. Petrusma

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