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Ponderings From Our Principal

Wow! There was excitement in the air at John Knox on Wednesday night! Our annual Celebration of Learning night brought many people to our school. There were students who literally skipped into the school with smiles on their faces.

As I toured the classrooms and greeted people to the event, I sensed one common theme--”Passion and Purpose.” The students wanted to share and they did so around a central purpose of learning. I spoke with visitors who shared how much they learned from our students.

The purpose and passion was present throughout the grades. Check out this week’s video for an inspiring example of how our grade 7 students shared their learning that not only changed who they are, but also cast a vision for changing the lives of others.

The evening was a tangible example of “igniting wonder for God, neighbour, and creation.” I am so thankful to our staff, students, and community for helping us accomplish our ongoing mission. Take a moment to join me in prayer as we thank God for the learning that happens here and the unbridled freedom that we have to explore how a Christian worldview informs our daily living.

In Christ,

Mr. G. Petrusma

Some of the most powerful sermons I have heard in my life have come during the time of Lent and Easter. I am not sure if that fact is a comment on the crafter of the sermon or whether it has more to do with my emotional state during this time of the year.¬†Those sermons have unpacked for me the realities of sorrow, joy, peace, grace, and God’s providence. They have encouraged me to travel the emotional road of Easter more intentionally.

This week, I find myself trying to sort out my feelings as they relate to the journey of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Travelling the road of focusing on Jesus being despised and rejected, and then travelling the road of incredible joy at the outpouring of God’s love makes the emotional journey different than time leading up to Christmas. In my life, travelling those two roads is necessary and important.

You really must watch this week’s video blog for an incredible experience that each of our students and staff experienced around our property today. It was designed by Mrs. Panza, our Director of Student Life and Leadership, and implemented by a number of adults who came to the school to act the part of various Easter story persons.

Our hope and prayer is for each person to experience the powerful act of love for us. May the Lord give you a blessed Easter weekend as you experience His love and grace!

In Christ,
Mr. G. Petrusma

There are times when I have the privilege of witnessing some incredible learning moment in our classrooms. It makes me think that I would like to relive my own elementary school days here at John Knox.

There are other times in which I have the pleasure of witnessing other learning opportunities during our special school events in which we invite others to the school so that we can share what is happening here.

During those times, I feel like celebrating. Celebration is common in the Bible. The Old Testament highlights celebration feasts and the goodness of the Lord. The New Testament parable the lost son highlights a celebration upon the return of the son and the forgiveness of the Father.

We are going to celebrate here as well. I can’t wait. On Wednesday, April 19 at 6:30 pm our community is invited to come to the school and talk to our students about their learning. It is called a Celebration of Learning. Then two days later, many grandparents and senior friends will come through the door to experience the same thing.

It will be a beautiful sight to see our students standing by, demonstrating, or highlighting their learning for you. Watch this week’s video for an interaction in which our students share their learning. When you come, be sure to ask them lots of questions. Be sure to engage them. They (and I!) will thank you for it. Thank you for doing your part in making this truly a Celebration of Learning!

In Christ,

Mr. G. Petrusma

Communication in life is an essential part of living. Verbal and non-verbal expressions leave us empowered, deflated, encouraged, or dejected depending on what has been shared.

We are focusing on the power of the Holy Spirit during our chapel times this month. The Lord communicates with us in variety of ways and means. In Matthew 11, we are promised that the Lord will send a messenger to guide us and communicate with us.

One of the keys to our success as a school is our emphasis on the need to communicate well. Our school has adopted the Google Classroom platform in many of our classrooms. Recently, we have been talking about the best way to ensure that parents are well informed.

Watch this week’s video interview with Ms Pasma, who understands the word of Google Classroom well. Take note of the training we provide to ensure you as parents have the tools to journey with your children.

Click here to receive great coaching about how to join us in that Google communication world. Just another great way in which we can journey together as home and school to provide a profound Christian education experience for your children!

In Christ,

Mr. G. Petrusma

Welcome back! I trust that each of you had a good break and are now back into the swing of the school day and work day schedules.

I can’t help but think about the benefit that the process of feedback gives us in our lives. “Please put your laundry in the proper spot.” “Next time, can you please put the recycling container by the curb.” “That shirt and tie do not match.” Each of those statements has been part of my married life. I am thankful for each one.

In our school, we set aside significant time to give feedback to students throughout the year. Three times per year, we complete our formal learning reports to give the students and parents an idea of how the learning is progressing.

It is a great process and a great time of asking questions. Watch this week’s video to hear three of our grade 4 students answer questions about the anticipation and the reflection of what the learning reports will do for them.

I encourage you to use the report as a good time to take some moments to talk about goal setting with your child. Support them in any way possible. Encourage them through tough challenges and speak words of praise in areas where they have used their God-given gifts well.

May your child and you be blessed as you use the learning reports that are coming to your home on Friday, March 31 to encourage growth in your child.

In Christ,

Mr. G. Petrusma

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